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Tire Butterflies and Bird Feeders –

Small Yellow Bird feeder to hold water and food Bird Feeder Prices Small            $30Medium        $40Large            $50Ex Lg            $60ColoursRedOrangeYellowPurpleKingfisher

large daisy bird feeder

large star flower bird feeder

ButterfliesButterfly optionsMonarch – yellow / orange with black veinsSwallowtail – sea green and purpleRed Admiral – black with red markingsDogface – YellowCommon Red – Red and black with white spotsMalachite – Green


Butterfly on Ring                             $40Butterfly on welcome Ring             $45Double sided, hanging                   $35Single Sided for wall or fence        $30

Top 2 x small Red admiral on ring Top Middle Malachite on Welcome ring Bottom Middle 2 x small dogface on welcome ring Bottom Red Admiral on welcome ring

Extra Lg Fire burst bird feeder

Yellow Dogface

Red Common butterfly on ring

Large purple sunflower bird feeder

Red Common butterfly on ring

Swallowtail with Orchid Holder

Red Admiral with Orchid Holder

Kingfisher blue swallowtail butterfly

Monarch Butterfly on ring

2 small common red on welcome ring

Monarch Butterfly on ring

Red Admiral butterfly on welcome ring

Green Malachite