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Safety First & Re-Tired Tire Art – Recycling at it’s Best


Remember to check your tree regularly – it is usually the weakest safety link of your swing

1. Kids should always have adult safety supervision when playing on or around tire swings of any type.

2. Do not allow swinging at heights and speeds that exceed sensible safety levels, and prohibit horseplay on the tire swings.

3. Tire swings should not be hung on small or weak tree branches, and should not be hung indoors on structures, such as ceilings, which will not properly support the weight and swinging action of the tire equipment. The purchasers of tire swings are responsible for proper hanging and for choosing an appropriate and safe location.

4. Tire swings should not be hung in a position where the swinging tire comes close to hitting tree trunks, branches, high wires, or any other potentially harmful structures.

5. Constantly monitor the swinging area to assure no one becomes too close to the direction of the swinging tire.

6. Cooltireswings and it’s owners and representatives do not assume any responsibility whatsoever of unsafe actions involving tire swings. We use heavy-duty chain or rope and hardware to enhance the safety and durability of the equipment, and we recommend using common sense and avoiding risky play such as jumping off the swing in mid-air, or jumping into rivers, ponds, and lakes, as well as following all of the safety recommendations listed on this page..

7. Do not use tire swings around concrete or hard ground surfaces.

8. Parents should inspect the equipment prior to hanging and then regularly to make sure all connections are intact and securely fastened. Check any ropes for fraying or deterioration at least once a month or more often during times of frequent use. Inspect all equipment once a month for any corrosion or damage and replace when needed. Never swing when rope or chain is damaged.

9. Consider removing tire swing equipment prior to severe storms or during extended periods of bad weather. Do not allow anyone to be near the tire swing or under a tree during any type of electrical storm.

10. Use caution in warm weather to avoid skin burns. Direct sunlight can cause the tire, hardware, and chain to get extremely hot.

I have read and understood the safety precautions relating to my tire swing    

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Re-Tired and it’s owners and representatives do not assume any responsibility whatsoever of unsafe actions involving tire swings.